Capoeta hulstaerti (African Barbs)

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Information: Imported size 15mm. Much sought after, colourful though a little on the small size. Ideal tank companion for the popular Galaxy Rasbora and for the popular nano-aquariums which are now big sellers! This fish scatters eggs the normal barb fashion and prefers dim lit tanks around 23°C. Males are more colourful and have more colour in the fins than the females;Synonyms: Capoeta hulstaerti, Puntius hulstaerti




The butterfly barb (Barbus hulstaerti) is a colorful and active little fish. One of the smallest barbs, with a maximum size of barely an inch. Temperament: peaceful; good community fish Aquarium Size: 30cm or longer Gender Differences: males more colourful, females plumper