Dwarf Synodontis

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This species is endemic to Lake Tanganyika in Congo.ynodontis are omnivorous and are most unfussy in terms of feeding.It will not fight with conspecifics and can be kept in groups with no problems.DietFrozen live and dried foods are all accepted. Microsynodontis batesiican be combined with most peaceful species successfully.




Should not be kept with any fish so small as to be considered food but makes a good addition to a community of hard water cichlids, ideally mouthbrooding species of Rift Lake origin. It can also be kept with suitably sized rainbowfish and livebearers. The dwarf form can be kept with many different species due to its adaptability regarding water chemistry (see below). Both forms should be kept in a group of 4 or more as single specimens are often very secretive. One of the most peaceful species of Syno available.