Lamprologus congoensis (Congo Lamprologus)

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The body is very streamlined with strong pectoral fins. An aggressive territorial species that can be combined with other species requiring similar conditions if sufficient space is provided. Good tankmates include some Alestiid tetras Chaetostoma sp. some of the larger characins and barbs and rheophilic Synodontis species such as S. brichardi .




Congo Lamprologus An interesting species which resembles the popular Steatocranus species both physically and in lifestyle.Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo. It is found in the Upper Congo, Matadi, Stanley Pool and Stanley Falls areas of the Congo River.Adult male fish are larger and more colourful. They also develop a prominent nuchial hump as they mature.Temperature: 73-77°F (23-25°C) pH: 6.0-7.5 Hardness: 5-15°H Maximum Standard Length 6″ (15cm)