Phenacongrammus interrutpus (Congo tetra)

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The Congo tetra originates from the River Congo as well as Central African rivers. Congo Tetra are extremely beautiful African characins, growing slightly larger than most of its kind. They have slightly compressed and elongated bodies which have an iridescent coloration. Generally, the mid body has a gold stripe while the flanks have a violet or turquoise color. The fins of well looked after and healthy fish are long and flowing and vary in color from grey to a lovely purple.




Congo tetraPhenacogrammus interruptus. The Congo Tetra is considered by many to be the jewel of tetras in the home aquarium because of its natural beauty.Males get to 3", females are a little smaller. Peaceful and tolerant, may nip at delicate and succulent plants. Just don't keep with fish that are robust, hyperactive, and aggressive.