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Clarias angolensis (Angolian walking catfish)

They also have a large accessory breathing organ composed of modified gill arches. Clarias is a genus of catfishes (orde...

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Chrysichthys longipinnis (African Big Eye Catfish)

African Big Eye Catfish is a community fish and can go with other peaceful community fish. ;African Big Eye Catfish orig...

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Capoeta hulstaerti (African Barbs)

The butterfly barb (Barbus hulstaerti) is a colorful and active little fish. One of the smallest barbs, with a maximum s...

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Heterotis niloticus (African arowana)

Heterotis niloticus An elongated laterally compressed species with a somewhat level back profile. The anal and dorsal fi...

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Nanochromis nudiceps

Democratic Republic of Congo. It occurs in the Cuvette Centrale region. Males to 3.2″ (8cm), females to 2.8″ (7cm).F...

Steatocranus casuarius (African Block head)

Habitat:Democratic Republic of Congo. Males to 3.2″ (8cm), females to 2.8″ (7cm).It inhabits fast-moving, turbulent ...

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