Barboides Gracilis (Barboides)

Barboides Gracilis Ideal water conditions are slightly acidic to neutral, slightly soft water but they will adapt to a w...

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Pantodon buchholzi macrolepis (Butterfly Fish)

Butterfly Fish Butterfly Fish Family: Africa Distribution: Cameroon,Congo, Nigeria Habitat: freshwater rivers & streams ...

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Humphead Cichlid (Frontosa Cichlid)

The Frontosa Cichlid Cyphotilapia frontosa (originally Paratilapia frontosa) is a very handsome fish and held in the hig...

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Clypeobarbus congicus (Congo Barb)

Africa: Congo River basin, from the lower Congo near its estuary (Ref. 79650, 114247) up to the upper Lualaba, in Democr...

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Microctenopoma congicum (Congo Ctenopoma)

Congo Bush fish Peaceful Unlike most Ctenopomas this species is not very predatory and is only capable of eating small f...

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Lamprologus congoensis (Congo Lamprologus)

Congo Lamprologus An interesting species which resembles the popular Steatocranus species both physically and in lifesty...

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